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What work is covered?

It is a legal requirement that certain electrical, plumbing, ventilation and heating works carried out in domestic properties need to be registered with local authorities. The building regulations apply to all householders having such work carried out in their properties.

What are my responsibilities?

As a householder, it is your responsibility to ensure that work carried out complies with the current building regulations. If you do not comply, the work will not be legal. You could be prosecuted and could face a fine up to £5,000. If a registered competent person (such as a NAPIT member) is employed to carry out the work, then the responsibility is transferred to the tradesperson. NAPIT members will help you avoid breaking the law and save you time wading through the red tape.

Why use us?

Every NAPIT professional carries an identity card showing who they are and what work they are qualified to do – electrical, ventilation, plumbing or heating.

Six Year Guarantee
Householders have the peace of mind that the notified works are covered by a six-year work quality guarantee.

All NAPIT members have been assessed and have the correct qualifications and building practices to carry out a fair job for a fair price without the hidden costs, They can save you from the wasted time and confusion you may get from employing an unregistered tradesperson.

NAPIT – The Complete Solution

NAPIT is a Government approved Competent Person Scheme operator committed to setting the standard for the industry. Members are regularly inspected to ensure that these standards are being met.
NAPIT Training supports members in maintaining their competence.

If you use a member of NAPIT you can be sure they are competent, insured and supported by a work quality guarantee*.